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Friday, January 20, 2006

cold season

It's "cold season." I'm an idiot and didn't buy any Airborne this year...Which is apparently the new cold-fender-offer on the market - and apparently works. Instead, I opted for trying to "stick it out" and "be tough." Apparently my ego is stronger than my immune system.

So, as you can probably guess, I got a nasty cold. The kind that starts as a sore throat and works it's way into your eye sockets and nostrils. By the time you realize, "...ah crap...this is going to be a doozy..." and try the ol' last-minute ingesting of illegal amounts of Echinacea and Goldenseal - Well, it's too damn late. You wake up the next day with a zinger of a headache, and your voice sounds as if you were smoking and doing shots of whiskey all night long. Unfortunately, you don't look very sick at this point, and so the sympathy which you will attain is very minimal.

On around the third or fourth day of my cold, I was feeling really lousy, and had finally started showing the tell-tale signs of being truly ill. My eyes were a bit puffy, and the glands in my neck were starting to resemble one of those lizards with the neck-fans. I missed one day of classes, but made it into work every day. I was so sneezy one day, that I literally had to walk away mid-sentence from a client to go blow my nose. That's a bit embarrassing - and doesn't win any extra sympathy points.

I think it was that same day, that after checking my reflection in my compact, I realized that I'd failed to remove all my bright-green face mask from the night before. And I thought that one customer was admiring my shade of lipstick.

It's no fun being sick. You can't kiss your significant other (espescially if they're a germ-a-phobe), you've got "fuzzy brain syndrome," and you tend to look worse than you normally do in the middle of Winter. Never mind the whole inconvenience of only being able to breathe out of one nostril, and coughing up stuff that only cats should. It's just not pretty, this whole "cold season" thing....I promise you, I'll be getting some of that Airborne stuff....real soon.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous David M. said...

Too funny! We've all been there. That airborne stuff does work, but you have to take it before you actually get sick, so you must be somewhat prescient about your own immune system. Its just vitamins, minerals, and sub-illegal doses of echinacia and zinc, maybe the fact that you drink it makes it special? Who knows. Always wash your face! I learned this lesson in high school, when, late for school, unshowered, I went through 3 classes with left over white zit cream on my face. The horror.


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