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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ode to a "Holiday" Tree

I am not doing the whole Christmas tree thing this year. I am not going to pay too much for some indoor greenery. I am not going to spend an hour cursing under my breath as I try to balance an uneven trunk inside the rib-cage of a tree stand. I am not going to untangle the ornaments which have been copulating and reproducing inside their boxes over the past year. I am not going to haul the dried-out, post-holdiay tree down stairs all the while impailing myself with hundreds of needles - some of which manage to find their way inside the lining of my underwear. Instead, I have chosen to string every strand of lights that would have strangled said tree, from my ceiling. I turned my living room into the inside of a circus tent, with the excuse that I was "doing it for my son." This is a lie. I did this for myself, and if it sounds slightly insane, it is. But it looks really cool, and is a lot less messy than a "holiday" tree, any day of the week.

Happy Holidays,



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