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Friday, November 04, 2005


I'm not sure if it's the berometric pressure, new medication, or just whacked-out hormones - but I've had insomnia for three nights in a row now.

Most everyone has had insomnia. So you can relate...

Day 1 (post-insomnia): Slightly blurred vision, cursing at alarm clock, drink two caffeinated beverages before 8:30 a.m. Grab third caffeinated beverage on the way to work. Make it through the day without any major blunders. Pathetically optomistic thought goes through your mind: "Tonight I'll get a good night's sleep...I'm soooo tired - how could I not???"
Day2 (post insomnia): Damn! Vision's screwed. Alarmn clock is still going off somewhere on the floor where I accidentally knocked it. Forget to have breakfast. Have extreme difficulty making even the smallest decisions: Which deoderant do I wear today? Why do I own more than one type of deoderant? Can't pack son's school lunch - he'll have to eat crap due to my incompetance. Make it to work - only three minutes late. That night, get smart and take half a sleeping pill...Aaahhhh, that'll do it.
Day 3 (post insomnia): Double damn!!! Who needs a frickin alarm clock when you've been awake since 4 am? Stumble into kitchen, make tea. Eat something. Happy you remembered to eat something today. Send kid off to school with healthy, hand-packed lunch. Find comfortable clothing. Only realize much later in the day that your socks sorely DO NOT match rest of outfit. Don't care. Curse life in general. Accidentally make self cup of non-caffeinated, sleep-inducing chamomile tea. Suffer through longer-than-usual work day, due to the fact that you said you'd cover co-workers' butt. Eat Cup-O-Noodle soup with dwindling enthusiasm...Am just happy to get the fork to my mouth. Start new blog in state of delerium...

More soon -
Your sleep-deprived friend,



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