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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the moral of the mom and the guinnea pig

Some days are more hectic than others. The other day, for example, was a particularly hectic day as hectic days go: Get up at 6:30 to catch up on homework before I have to get nine year old ready for school: Koala Krisps - check. Brush your teeth? Check. Clothing from clean pile? Check. Packed lunch? Check. Combed hair? Maybe. Clean guinnea-pig cage and feed fresh food. Check. Make sure fish are fed and air-pump turned on. Check. 8:15: Made it to the bus-stop without having to do the 75 yard dash. Check. Hobble back home to finish getting self ready. Sort of. 9:30: Work until 12:30. Take bus to school for 1:00 class. Leave for home at 3:00. Scrounge ride from class-mate. Make it home by 3:15 ish. The day's only 2/3's of the way over, when I take a moment to pause...And realize that I took better care of the guinnea pig today, than I did myself. So, the moral of The Mom and the Guinnea Pig is this: If you're a parent - especially a single parent - you have to treat yourself better than the household pets. Period. Really. End of story. End of moral; Or there won't be anyone to take care of the kid, to go to the job, to go to school, to feed the fish and the guinnea pig, or write blogs, etc. So - Eat, rest, pray, take hot baths and have a glass of red wine. And talk to the guinnea pig.
(They're wiser than you'd think).

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